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Welcome to Ishtar Skinlights. Our mission is simple...

We create formulas that are truly skin 'active,' rooted in nature but backed by science.

Our Products Are...

  • Free from SLS, parabens and phthalates

  • Never tested on animals

  • Manufactured at a 100% wind powered facility

We Are...

  • The 1st UK brand to offer mandelic acid products and the only one to offer organic, treatment strength mandelic acid products.

  • Commited to donating profits to community and tree-planting projects.

Our finished products are treatment strength, designed to make a visible difference, and contain active ingredients that are proven to work.

Each product is designed from bottom up - a foundation of natural (organic where possible), skin friendly ingredients to which truly effective active ingredients are added at guaranteed potency.

We have products for every skin type. Ranges focus upon retinol, stabilised vitamin C, enzymes, peptides and alpha hydroxy acids, all formulated with natural botanical extracts that work with your skin, for your skin.

Ordering is easy and secure. We ship daily, Monday to Friday.

Also, don't forget to check out our social media channels and article base for skin care tips, the lowdown on cosmetic ingredients and nutritious recipes to boost radiant skin from the inside out.

Latest Reviews

I love it. Am so happy to have it :) Great for acne prone skin, clogged pores and hyperpigmentation.

Liina (29/07/2016)


Great product . Works well for me.

Mei Man (07/12/2016)


I can see it clearing up my skin. It's gentle but effective. Works slowly, so you must be consistent. I'll be ordering the full size once I finish the trial.

Hannah Carbery (17/06/2017)


Quick delivery. Very satisfied with both the seller and the product. Instant peeling the next day. I will be making a repurchase asap.

Gloria Fenny Driwaru (08/08/2017)