EFA ProRepair Oil with Tocoretinate-10 & Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate

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EFA ProRepair Oil with Tocoretinate-10 & Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate

All skin types can benefit from a nightly facial oil as a final layer. Take the facial oil step of your routine to the next level with our EFA ProRepair complex. It combines the stable Vitamin C ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate with a retinoic acid ester. This potentiating combination lightens post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, improves scar recovery and fights against all the signs of aging.  This oil can be used daily by all skin types. It plays well with all our serums and treatments (including our vit C serums, retinol serums and acids). For a full breakdown on the active wonders of this formula read below. Or just jump in and get layering!

Each bottle contains 15ml.

What Makes it Great:

  • 5% Ascorbyl Teraisopalmitate - This is a stable vitamin C ester (also known as Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate). It fades hyperpigmentation and encourages collagen synthesis, is effective at low percentages, and is gentle and non-irritating (unlike ascorbic acid). It also has anti-inflammatory benefits. It was developed in Japan, where it is licensed as a quasi-drug for skin lightening at 3%. We offer it here at 5% in a unique potentiating complex for maximum skin activity.
  • 2% Tocoretinate-10 - This is a retinoic acid ester formed by bonding retinoic acid with vitamin E. It offers the benefits of retinoic acid without the irritation, and  can be used by all skin types including sensitive and teenage skin. The vitamin E component of this molecule is important - it is well known that Vitamin E potentiates the action of Vitamin C, increasing vitamin C's  skin activity  by a massive 400%. Retinoids also work synergistically with Vitamin C, bringing fantastic benefits in terms of anti-aging, scar/hyperpigmentation reduction and skin elasticity/firmness. Tocoretinate-10 is a recent development by the same Japanese cosmoceutical company that developed Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, and we are super excited to be bringing this latest retinoid to our brand.
  • Tomato Seed OIl - A light, easily absorbed oil, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids which promote skin suppleness.
  • Squalane - Squalane needs no introduction! It suits all skin types, having a skin identical lipid structure, and absorbs quickly and pleasantly.
  • Botanical CO2 Extracts - a blend of concentrated extracts chosen for their skin conditioning and toning benefits - to promote elasticity and firmness.
  • EFA ProRepair is fragrance free, silicone free and suitable for vegans.


A single pump of EFA ProRepair oil is enough to treat the face and neck. Massage gently into the skin as the final step in your skincare routine before sleep.

Skin types:

EFA ProRepair suits all skin types. It has been formulated to agree with acne prone skin and sensitive skin. It is especially usefull for addressing hyperpigmentation, assisting with scar recovery and arresting the early signs of ageing. If  your skin is very dry and dehydrated then check out our EFA AntiStress complex, which contains special extracts to combat chemicals released when the skin is stressed.

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Tomato Seed Oil, Squalane, 5% Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, 2% Tocoretinate-10 (d-tocopheryl retinate & Capric/Caprilic triglyceride), Spilanthes acmella Flower supercritical extract, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), Horse Chestnut Seed supercritical extract (25% Escin) , Calendula supercritical Extract, Millet Seed supercritical Extract, Green Bean Seed Supercritical Extract, Horsetail superctritical extract.