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Halloween Recipes: Jelly Eye Balls, Zombie Fingers and More!

Our usual healthy eating series is taking a break in order to bring you 4 devilishly delightful Halloween recipes that are sure to bring the final touch to the fantastic make-up and costume tutorials that we will be sharing on our Facebook Page over the next week.

1) Ghoulishly good, these no bake eye balls are sure to add a touch of nightmarish fun to your holiday gathering.

2) For a healthy appetizer why not try’s zombie hand hummus dip?

zombie hand dip

3) Or maybe this unexpectedly snappy snack will keep your guests on their toes?


4) If it’s all a bit too much and you need a bit of fortification to get you through, then you had better wash it all down with this gruesome looking cocktail. Fill a tumbler with 1 and a half oz measure of peach schnappes. Slowly pour 1/4 oz measure of Bailey Irish cream onto the surface. Finish with a few drops of grenadine, sprinkled on top. The effect is suitably scary, but the taste is a delicious peaches and cream.


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